"...emerging markets will grow faster than the
developed world for decades to come."

Gideon Rachman, The Financial Times

Focus on Long-Term Fundamentals, Not Fears

Global equity markets have hit a rough patch recently, with volatility intensifying in September and October. Many investors have been concerned about issues including the prospect of rising interest rates in the United States, deflation in the eurozone, fears about the

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Blurring the Lines Between Emerging-, Frontier- and Developed-Market Stocks 6

There has been some convergence in terms of how one might classify emerging-, frontier- or developed-market companies—and how they might fit into investors’ portfolios. Recently, we have noted an increase in liquidity and transparency of many frontier-market stocks (the smaller

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India, the sleeping giant awakes 3

Dramatic reforms under the new Indian government are expected to re-ignite the country’s equity market and attract a flood of foreign investors Long considered the sleeping giant, India has awakened to the drum beats of its new Prime Minister, Narendra

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