"...emerging markets will grow faster than the
developed world for decades to come."

Gideon Rachman, The Financial Times

Economic Reform in Asia Brings Big Potential for Small Companies

At Templeton Emerging Markets Group, we believe Asia’s combination of rapid economic growth, generally strong national finances and economic fundamentals has created an attractive landscape for equity investors. Seismic changes have been taking place in Asia’s political arena over the

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Developing countries to experience uptick in growth: World Bank

Underneath the fragile global recovery lie increasingly divergent trends with significant implications for global growth; developing countries will continue to outperform their developed counterparts. In its Global Economic Prospects (GEP) report, released this month, the World Bank forecasts that developing countries

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Africa’s Electrifying Future

Emerging and frontier markets are a focal point of this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which takes place during the week of January 19. One of the sessions, “Achieving Africa’s Growth Agenda,” is of particular interest to me.

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Income-starved investors finding higher income in emerging market bonds 7

With interest rates at record lows in North America, investors seeking higher fixed income returns are heading in droves to emerging market (EM) bonds – abandoning low-yielding traditional income producing instruments such as guaranteed investment certificates, treasury bills and Canadian

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Indian stock market set for a multi-year rally 1

The global investment bank, HSBC, believes that the Indian stock market is set for a multi-year rally, adding to gains made last year.  In 2014, India was the best performing stock market in the world. “We are overweight on India

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Two Emerging Market Funds in Top 10 2014 Performers in Canada 0

Two emerging market funds offered by Excel Funds Management Inc. – the Excel India Fund, Series F, with a total return of 54.2%, and the Excel Chindia Fund, Series F, with a total return of 32.7%, were number 1 and

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