"...emerging markets will grow faster than the
developed world for decades to come."

Gideon Rachman, The Financial Times

Positive Trends and Political Challenges in Poland

My first visit to Poland was in 1991, just as the country was emerging from its Communist era. In those days, Warsaw was a dreary city with empty store windows and shops with nothing much to sell. Located in the heart

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Emerging Markets Q2 2016 Recap: Brexit Could Offer Silver Lining for Some

Templeton Emerging Markets Group has a wide investment universe to cover—tens of thousands of companies in markets on nearly every continent! While we are bottom-up investors, we also take into account big-picture context. Here, I outline what’s happened in the

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The time to invest in emerging markets is now

Despite recent outflows, the fundamental case for long-term investing in emerging-market equities remains well-founded. · Not all emerging-market companies are undervalued; selectivity is key. · Negative sentiment toward emerging markets has created compelling bargains for value investors.  To find out

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A Spiritual Journey in Thailand

Thus far Thailand’s stock market has been relatively resilient amid bouts of global market volatility following the United Kingdom’s recent decision to leave the European Union (EU). We believe the economic impact of the so-called Brexit is likely to be

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